Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting There

Over the past few days I did a little re-write on my contribution for the anthology. It was good to leave it to one side for a few weeks and to let it float around in my head for a while. I would definitely be expecting at least another couple of re-writes before I have to tackle the dreaded proofread.

All in all I'm happy with how the story has come together and all within the word limit. Spending time in prep has been a worthwhile exercise. Short stories are a format that I will write in again as I've found it very enjoyable.
Next step over the coming weeks will be to get together with other group members and start working on another re-write based on thoughts some of them may have about it and hopefully helping out with one or two of the other stories if needed.

We will also be chatting about other things, like possible titles for the eventual book and the possibility of posting short extracts from the pieces we are all busy on right now.

Though it has been quite of late here there will be plenty more to come very soon.

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